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If you’ve decided that an Apprenticeship is the route for you, your next step will be to find an employer to take you on as their Apprentice.

We know applying for an Apprenticeship may seem daunting, so we’ve broken it down in a few simple steps.

You might choose to apply directly for one of our Apprenticeship vacancies that are being advertised by local companies, but apprenticeships within electrics, gas & plumbing are usually found via word of mouth or approaching an employer yourself.

Here are our top tips for finding yourself an employer:

1. Get your CV employer ready

If you’re planning to approach employers directly, you’ll need a CV to leave with them – something that shows them exactly why they should hire you. Make sure to include your name and contact information, any experience of work (volunteering counts too!), your top skills and any relevant achievements.

2. Do your research

Now that you’ve brushed up your CV, it is time to hand it out! You will need to do some research on employers! Look around your local area, speak to neighbours who may be having construction work done, talk to family and friends, use the internet, and find relevant contact details. You could go to builders’ merchants in your local area and speak to tradespeople as they visit. They may consider taking you on or they may know of someone looking for an apprentice.

3. Get in touch

Get in touch via a phone call (emails are too easy to ignore) or in person and ask them if they would be interested in an Apprentice and make sure you send or give them a copy of your CV! Keep details of all of those you approach and remember to follow up if there is any interest or they ask you to get back in touch later in the year.

4. Work trial and experience

Before applying for an Apprenticeship, we recommend getting some work experience in the trade that you’re interested in. Works trials are a perfect taster session for you to ensure you enjoy the work. They also show the employer you are keen and how you might fit in with their team. If it doesn’t work out, you have gained some valuable experience and the experience will enhance your cv.

5. Speak to us

If an employer informs you that they would like to take you on as an Apprentice, congratulations! In this instance, you will need to take their contact details and send them on us. We will speak with your employer to ensure they can offer you the support, training and work needed for you to complete your qualification.

6. Help!

If you’re struggling to find an employer…don’t panic! We can offer advice and guidance on your cv, cover letter and help you maximise your employer search. Get in touch to arrange and Information and Guidance session with one of our friendly team.

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Applying for one of our Apprenticeship Training programmes is straightforward but will require some research and preparation from you!