Prevent is about safeguarding people and communities from the threat of terrorism.

Prevent is one of the four elements of CONTEST, the government’s counter-terrorism strategy. It aims to stop people being radicalised and becoming terrorists or supporting terrorism.

What We Do

– We train all our staff on the Prevent Duty so that they are aware of the signs of radicalisation and extremism, and what to do if they have concerns about anyone
– We promote the British Values of democracy, the rule of law, mutual tolerance and respect and individual liberty
– We take all instances of radicalisation extremely seriously and involve the police and other agencies where necessary
– We have a Safeguarding and Welfare Team who you can contact if you feel that someone is trying to coerce you with their radical ideals We take action if you have been a victim of radicalisation or fear someone may be radicalising someone else
– We review our learners’ welfare regularly via telephone reviews and/or learner welfare visits (for 16-19 year old learners)
– We provide advice and information on the Stay Safe section of our website including details of national organisations that can help

What You Will Do

– I will talk to someone if I have concerns that I am being radicalised
– I will talk to someone if I think someone else is being radicalised
– I know that I can report my concerns to the Safeguarding and Welfare Team at Buttercups
– I will ensure that I have a good understanding of British Values and the threats that radicalisation and extremism can pose, asking Buttercups for further information if needed
– I will avoid putting myself in risky or dangerous situations, particularly with people I do not know
– I am aware that some people on the internet/social media are not who they say they are
– I will use the internet/social media safely and report any inappropriate content that links to radical ideals, extremism or terrorism at:

Employers we work with

Any Concerns

Should you have any concerns or would like more information, please contact SWCA Safeguarding and Welfare Team