The definition of homelessness means not having a home.

It includes rough sleeping but can also include those in accommodation which is unsuitable for their needs. You count as homeless if you are:
– Staying with friends or family
– Staying in a hostel, night shelter or B&B
– Squatting (because you have no legal right to stay)
– At risk of violence or abuse in your home
– Living in poor conditions that affect your health
– Living apart from your family because you don’t have a place to live together

What we do

– We encourage a good relationship with the parents and carers of our apprentices and encourage them to voice any concerns relating to homelessness
– We review our learners’ welfare via regular reviews
– We involve other agencies if we have concerns

What you will do

– I will recognise if I am at risk of becoming homeless and I will speak to someone and ask for help
– I will talk to someone if my housing situation is causing my physical or mental health to deteriorate
– I know that I can report my concerns to the Safeguarding and Welfare Team at South West Construction Academy Ltd

Employers we work with

Any Concerns

Should you have any concerns or would like more information, please contact SWCA Safeguarding and Welfare Team