Illegal drugs are substances that are banned by the government and it is illegal to sell them or possess them.

Illegal drugs can affect physical and mental health and can become both physically and psychologically addictive.

What we do

– If learners are in possession or under the influence of illegal drugs or medication not prescribed to them, then this could be grounds for instant dismissal from the placement and their training with South West Construction Academy Ltd
– We will be approachable to learners who are experiencing issues with drugs and/or alcohol and offer support
– We would be able to refer you to external agencies, who offer support around substance abuse and addiction
– South West Construction Academy Ltd has a Drugs Policy that you must familiarise yourself with

What you will do

– I will not bring any illegal drugs, or non-prescribed medication, on to the pharmacy premises whilst on placement
– I will not be under the influence of illegal drugs or alcohol when on the pharmacy premises
– I will report any concerns I have of someone in the possession of illegal drugs
– I will talk to someone if I feel that I am struggling with my drug or alcohol use
– I know that I can talk to the Safeguarding and Welfare Team at South West Construction Academy Ltd

Employers we work with

Any Concerns

Should you have any concerns or would like more information, please contact SWCA Safeguarding and Welfare Team